Distinguished Service Medal

Distinguished Service Medal Winners

The Distinguished Service Medal is in the gift of the President and is awarded to an individual who has made a special contribution to the British Institute of Radiology.

In September 2017, President, Andy Rogers, presented the Medal to Dr Elspeth Whitby at a networking event for members and supporters. Dr Whitby is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Sheffield and has played a proactive and important role at the BIR for a number of years. 

Dr Elspeth Whitby  

DSM Holders

Year Distinguished Service Medal Winner





Dr Stephen Davies

Professor Roger Dale

Dr Simon Blease

Miss S Marchant

2009 Mr A C Budge
2005/06 Dr P P Dendy, Dr A M Thomas
2000/01 Mr J E Burns
1999/00 Mrs E Beckmann
1997/98 Mr G Mountford
1996/97 Dr N Trott, Dr S Osborn
1995/96 Dr D M King
1994/95 Dr T Healey
1993/94 Professor G du Boulay, Dr D S McIntosh

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