Healthcare Executives

Healthcare Managers

  • This book provides a unique first-hand perspective on healthcare leadership and management, from a practitioner, for practitioners.
  • The author is an experienced consultant, highly respected medical director and exceptional leader known for his drive, acumen and commitment to putting patients first.
  • The book’s focus is on compassionate leadership, efficient management, improvement capabilities and transformational skills.
  • The content covers all aspects of leading and managing health services, integrating both the hard and soft skills required.
  • The comprehensive chapters are written in an extremely concise and precise style using fact boxes and bullet format only.
  • Lists of chapter objectives, boxed summaries, numerous graphics and suggestions for further reading provide quick reference and consolidate what the reader has learned.
  • Packed with expert insights and practical tips for problem solving and trouble shooting, this is the ultimate guide to getting ahead and achieving more as a leader and manager in the healthcare world.
  • The book is an excellent resource for aspiring as well as current leaders and managers in healthcare.


ISBN 978-1-78901-706-9

529 pages

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Also available as an ebook

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 The author will be donating all royalties of the book to The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.


Reviews (Amazon, Troubador Publishing, NetGalley)

  • Professor Pickuth is one of the foremost international experts on healthcare systems. He has been working, lecturing and consulting in several countries around the entire world, thereby gaining extensive global experience in medical leadership and complex change management. The book focuses on professional leadership, strategic planning and operational effectiveness. Professor Pickuth promotes a culture of excellence and compassion, by developing an improvement methodology and a learning organisation. The author is a transformational and enthusiastic leader who advocates an environment that empowers people and builds trust – and who holds the patient at the heart of care. ‘Healthcare Executives’ is a masterpiece written by an expert leader. This book is vital reading for every healthcare professional. (Dr James T)


  • ‘Healthcare Executives’ is the perfect book for every aspiring or existing leader. The author clearly defines and develops key attributes for leaders a healthcare system deserves. The reader is coached through theoretical facts and practical tips which demonstrate immense expert knowledge, significant depth of research and enormous personal experience. I have read many books on healthcare leadership and Professor Pickuth’s is the best. It is the definitive resource for any executive who wants to improve their leadership skills. (Professor John S)


  • HEALTHCARE EXECUTIVES features detailed information on all leadership skills plus invaluable tips, arranged in an extremely systematic style. The text is packed with energy, wisdom and compassion. A fantastic book which I strongly recommend to anyone who aspires to become a great leader in healthcare. (Professor Jane G)


  • Inspiring, practical, compelling! This book is a manual of success for leaders in healthcare. Professor Pickuth deserves the highest praise. (Professor Steve J)


  • The book covers all key topics and recent developments, with a strong focus on high-quality care and best practice. It is a ‘must get’ for all aspiring and current healthcare leaders and managers. (Dr M I)



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