Management group members

 Peter HilesPeter Hiles is Head of Radiation Physics in North Wales and the current chair of the BIR’s Radiation Protection Special Interest Group. He is also one of the BIR trustees of the Mayneord Philips Trust

He has over 30 years experience in Medical Physics and has acted as an adviser to the IAEA and EU on radiation protection and quality assurance.



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Management Group

Peter Hiles (Chair)

Katharine Thomson (Secretary)

Elizabeth Benson

Helen Hughes

Cristiona Logan

Amanda Webster

Patrice Burke

Lucy Hossen

Paul Dixon

Temi Ogunjimi

John Kotre

Observerse/Expert Panel

Mr Cliff Double (CQC)

Tracy Bradshaw (CQC)           

Ms Sue Edyvean (UKHSA)              

Ms Lynda Johnson (SCOR)   

Mr James Taylor (HSE)                 

Dr Stewart Redman (RCR)             

Ms Louise Fraser (PHE)         

Mr David Dommett (SRP/IPEM)


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