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The Radiation Safety Special Interest Group is a truly multidisciplinary group as radiologists, radiographers and scientists all have both an interest in patient protection and also a radiation protection self-interest!

Management group members

We respond to policy and guidance consultations from governments and their agencies and communicate concerns about issues to those bodies from our members. We represent the BIR on various projects and committees where radiation protection is an issue (e.g. NRES, IEC, DH Working Group on EU Directive revision).


 The BIR and IPEM have joined forces to promote a ‘UK voice’ during the development of key international standards that apply to medical imaging. The aim of SCOG is to determine where representation is needed and to seek and support volunteers in participating in standards committee meetings.

The current scope includes IEC maintenance groups MT30 CT equipment (e.g. standard 60601-2-44); MT37 Radiography and Radioscopy Equipment (e.g. standards 60601-1-3 and 60601-2-54); MT41 Interventional Equipment (e.g. standard 60601-2-43) and the DICOM WG-28 Physics Group.

In addition, we have representation on two IEC Project Groups: Spectral CT and Acceptance and Constancy Testing for X-ray Equipment (61223-3-8)

The scope of this group is being expanded to cover nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, ultrasound and MRI as the need arises.

Radiation Safety Advice Sheets   

Download safety advice sheets produced by this SIG 

The Diagnostic Radiological Equipment Installation and Replacement Guide is a special check list, invaluable for anyone installing new radiological equipment and has been developed and designed by the BIR Radiation Safety Special Interest Group. Download here or access via the BIR Sharing Platform.

BIR Safety Campaign

The BIR Safety Campaign communicates safety advice and recommendations and helps to spread the word about safety issues within our community to ensure the safety and wellbeing of patients and staff.


Latest SIG News - June 2023


  • A joint UKHSA/BIR statement on monitoring cumulative patient dose is due to appear in June 2023. A presentation on this is included in the BIR IR(ME)R update programme (see below)
  • Positive feedback has been received regarding the advice sheets issued as part of the annual BIR Radiation safety Week. If you have not seen these, check out …
  • Plans are in place to update the BIR Diagnostic X-ray shielding book. If you have any comments on revision requirements for the current edition, please let us know.
  • The IR(ME)R Update 2023 is due to take place on 28 September 2023 in London as a face-to-face meeting. 
  • The Clinical Imaging Errors Working Party, led by UKHSA, is producing a national taxonomy for incident learning in clinical imaging, which will include X-ray, MRI and nuclear medicine. This is due to be trialled over the summer this year. This will be talked about at the BIR IR(ME)R Update.
  • The BIR are in discussions with the UKHSA regarding providing a response to recent publications on the suggested increased risk of breast cancer for female orthopaedic surgeons and demands for a review of PPE provision.
  • And finally, keep your eyes peeled for the amended IR(ME)R Regulations, following a five-year review, which is due soon, along with new guidance from the regulatory bodies. Again, this is on the programme for the IR(ME)R update.

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