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The Radiation Safety Special Interest Group is a truly multidisciplinary group as radiologists, radiographers and scientists all have both an interest in patient protection and also a radiation protection self-interest!

Our membership reflects this with an almost equal complement of medical, radiographic and scientific members.

We respond to policy and guidance consultations from governments and their agencies and communicate concerns about issues to those bodies from our members. We represent the BIR on various projects and committees where radiation protection is an issue (e.g. NRES, IEC, DH Working Group on EU Directive revision).

We represent our sister organisation, The Royal College of Radiologists on matters of radiation protection and sit on relevant committees of the Institute of Physics & Engineering in Medicine and the Society for Radiological Protection.

We are responsive to members' needs and are active in providing educational events and written guidance on matters of radiation protection. We are a very active SIG, always on the lookout for new members, of whatever profession, with an interest in radiation protection.  


Latest SIG News 

Update from December 2018 meeting 

The group had a productive meeting by teleconference on 6 December. The main topics for discussion are highlighted below:

  • Membership of the BIR is at its highest level on record at over 3000
  • Awards & Prizes: BIR/IEL Make it Better award – closing date 28 February and  BIR/GE Radiation Safety Travel award – closing date 31 March
  • SIG’s position paper on Training and governance requirements for Non-Medical Referrers was published:
    • Guidance on applying shielding to patients (on schedule to be finalised by end of 2019)
    • Practical guide to diagnostic radiological equipment installation and replacement  
  • Events – the IRMER ukpdate 2019 (Optimisation in Clinical Imaging) 27 September 2019
  • The SIG is working on producing two guidance publications:
  • Online education – the SIG is helping the BIR to develop a course on radiation safety for vascular surgeons – this should be ready to launch in September.
  • The SIG plan to produce radiation safety “quick reference sheets” to be issued on each day of the European Congress of Radiology in Spring 2019.


Position paper on Training and governance requirements for Non-Medical Referrers January 2019

BIR position statement on the selection and purchase of lead aprons October 2017

 Management group members

 RP MG Members

Some of the RP SIG Management Group - from left to right Peter Hiles (Chair), Mark Bowers, Lucy Hossen, Liz Benson and Katharine Thomson 


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